Valdora was a former novice of the Sisters of the Light. She was banished from the Palace of the Prophets for casting glamours by Prelate Annalina. After being banished, Valdora went to Aydindril and began to sell honey cakes there. Valdora was first introduced when Richard bought a cake from her granddaughter Holly, around fifty years later. She ended up poisoning the former Prelate Annalina Alduren and tortured her, however Nathan Rahl ran her through with his sword, fulfilling prophecy, before she could finish the job.

Personality and traits Edit

Valdora was an old, weathered woman. She had a gap tooth smile, her teeth were rotten from her fetish for raw human liver, which she would gnaw at directly from her victims. Valdora was particularly bitter about her aging and appearance, having been cheated out of her chance to live for centuries upon centuries.

Bitter from her banishment, Valdora became mean spirited and would sometimes hurt innocent people, however she would sometimes help them too, according to her granddaughter.

Appearances Edit