Valley of Perdition
Valley of Perdition 2

The Valley of Perdition is presumably a combination of the Valley of the Lost and the Towers of Perdition, created for the show adaptation, Legend of the Seeker. It was featured in the episode Perdition.

The valley was a vast expanse of a bare desert created by the ancient Wizards as a defense against intruders from the New World. The magic over it causes whoever enters it to become trapped and wander mindlessly until the person dies of starvation or by fear of their visions. The person would experience their worst fears in his/her mind as if it were real, and what happens to him in his mind also happens to his physical his body. Until Richard Cypher, who managed to break the illusion from within because of a discrepancy in the vision's Kahlan, it was said that no one has ever survived or escaped the valley in 3,000 years.

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