In Chapter 41, Richard is brutally tortured by the Mord-Sith Denna, whom he must call Mistress Denna. She can read his mind and the only way to control the agony is to think pleasant thoughts about her. Any attempt to fight against her, or even move, creates unbearable agony. She also beats him brutally on a daily basis. Richard's anger only brings on more agony. He is weak because he is given just enough food, water and sleep to keep him alive.

After several days, Denna takes Richard to dinner. It is the first time he realizes that while he had been unconscious from pain, he had been taken to Queen Milena's castle. At dinner, Richard is shackled and kept on a leash like a dog. He is forced to sit on the floor behind her chair and to eat gruel from a bowl like a dog. After dinner, he is tortured more.