The Winthrop Fair Employment Law was a law passed by the government of Anderith under Minister of Culture Bertrand Chanboor that prevented the Anderith Masons Guild from turning away under qualified individuals who sought work. It was named for Edwin Winthrop, so as to force his wife Claudine Winthrop to publicly support Minister Chanboor, who she had been sexually abused by.

The law was effectively a means of causing the masons guild to strip their leader, Linscott, a Director of Cultural Amity, from power, as he was the Director Claudine had covertly attempted to alert of the Minister’s debauchery. The masons guild held Linscott responsible for allowing a law that destroyed their monopoly on their profession, and as such, he was removed from power and the one person Claudine could ally herself with to bring down the Minister was no longer in a position to aid her.

The law’s stated purpose to provide help to those desperate for work was called by Hildemara Chanboor a “load of dung,” and was intended as a warning to those who’d challenge the Chanboors, but when some people geniunely believed the fictional reason for this law, resulting in Claudine actually gaining support, Hildemara chose to have simply Claudine simply murdered instead.

Appearances Edit

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