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Wizard's First Rule chapter eleven summary and information.


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After Zedd's cat saved the party from immediate demise, Zedd used his magic to dispatch the two Gars and they continued on their path.

Richard Cypher led the party to Chase's house to question him about the pass through the boundary and get a change of clothes for Kahlan. They explained to Zedd what had happened in the Midlands and what they needed to do to stop Darken Rahl. Chase pledged his life to Richard and demanded to lead them to the Pass.

Chapter informationEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Key eventsEdit

  • Chase told Zedd, Kahlan, and Richard that he knew where the path through the boundary was and told them he would take them there.

Memorable linesEdit

  • "You’ve got to be the ugliest child I’ve ever seen." - Chase to Lee

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