Wizard's First Rule chapter twelve summary and information.


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Zedd, Richard, Kahlan, and Chase left Chase's house in the morning and began traveling to the pass through the boundary. At one point, Chase left the group to kill heart hounds and told them to continue down the path. The group required Zedd's magic (air) to cross a tampered bridge and Zedd destroyed it after so any unsuspecting person who tried to cross the bridge would not get hurt. Later, Chase caught up with them and explained what heart hounds were. When asked what color they were, he could not answer. Kahlan, however, was able to answer that they had tan fur and she knew because, when the boundary between D'Hara and the Midlands failed, the hearth hounds had started wandering around the Midlands during the day.

Chapter informationEdit

Key eventsEdit

  • Chase explained what a heart hound was and Kahlan informed them that they had started wandering around the Midlands during the day.

Memorable linesEdit

  • "Kahlan, if it had been you, I would have come after you" - Richard
  • "And what else does the Midlands have that is even worse?" - Richard after hearing of the heart hounds. "Darken Rahl" - Kahlan

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