Wizard's First Rule chapter thirteen summary and information.


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Richard told Zedd that he was falling for Kahlan. Zedd told him that this could not be and chided Richard for putting his friends above the cause when Richard considered going after Chase earlier. When asked why Kahlan reacted to Richard offering her an apple, Zedd told the story of how red fruit were made poisonous by Panis Rahl. Zedd also explained how Richard may need to make sacrifices in the future to defeat Darken Rahl. They considered how Rahl had gotten the snake-like cloud to follow Richard and Richard came up with a solution to at least hide the cloud if they could not remove it. Zedd gathered other clouds in the area and made it more difficult to find the cloud from a distance. To help him relax, Zedd showed Richard his wizard's rock.

Chapter informationEdit

Key eventsEdit

  • Zedd told Richard not to go after Kahlan and explained the poison apples.
  • Zedd was able to make it more difficult for Darken Rahl to see the cloud following Richard.

Memorable linesEdit

  • "Find another girl. The land is awash with them. Why, half of all the people are girls, there are plenty to pick from." - Zedd
  • "Bags. You would think by now I would have learned not to let a Seeker ask me a question." - Zedd

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