Wizard's First Rule chapter fourteen summary and information.


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Chase showed Richard the danger of the Boundary by taking him to the edge of it. Richard learned what the different levels of the walls felt like and how those of the underworld would call out to him. After the lesson, a boundary monster knocked Zedd and Chase out and tried to drag Kahlan into the boundary, but Richard was able to save her.

Richard and Kahlan bound Zedd and Chase to their horses and started towards the Skow Swamp. Chase had told them that this was the next point on the Hawker's Trail where they would be safe from the heart hounds. At the end of the chapter, the heart hounds had started to chase them.

Chapter informationEdit

Key eventsEdit

  • Richard learned what it is like to feel the walls of the boundary, nearly dying in the process.
  • Zedd and Chase were knocked out in this chapter from the things inside the boundary.

Memorable linesEdit

  • "Do you want me to tell you or do you wish to go on hitting me?" - Chase to Kahlan, when she slapped him.
  • "I’ve never had a child yet who had the proper respect for fire until they put their hand in it once." - Chase