Wizard's First Rule chapter Fifteen summary and information.

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Richard and Kahlan took the unconscious Chase and Zedd to the safety of the Skow Swamp. To get away from the heart hounds, Richard and Kahlan crossed a shallow part of swamp to get to an island. While crossing, snakes came toward them, but slithered away when Richard put the tip of his sword into the water. There they were safe as the snakes would not come onto the island and the heart hounds would not cross the swamp, presumably because of the snakes.

In the morning, once the heart hounds left, Richard and Kahlan left the swamp and set off for Southaven. There they lodged in an shabby inn. Bill the owner, gave them a room. He knew Chase well as he had sometimes business with him. His son Randy looked after their horses.

Bill informated them that there was no healer in town, but that they should seek aid by a woman called Adie.

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Key events Edit

  • Richard and Kahlan learned that only Adie could help them with Zedd and Chase, and that she lives about four hours away.

Memorable lines Edit

  • "Kahlan, I’m the Seeker, I understand the weight of that responsibility. I will do anything required to stop Darken Rahl." - Richard
  • "You men have it all wrong. You see, this is my day off. I’m the one who hired him for the night." - Kahlan

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