Wizard's First Rule chapter sixteen summary and information.

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The two remaining members from the quad attacked by the gar Zedd had sent, found Kahlan Amnell. With the help of the Innkeeper Bill and his son Randy, she and Richard could escape. One of the D'Harans was killed by a bar patron, but the other escaped. They left for Adie's home.

Arriving there Adie awaited them. After questoning them, where she accused Richard of lying when he used 'we' instead of 'I', she allowed them to bring Chase and Zedd into her home. There they talked on until Adie told them that it would take several days until Zedd and Chase would recover. Thereby they would need constant care as they had to be roused from their 'sleep' and given some water and food. Otherwise the two would die of thirst.

It was also revealed that Adie was a Sorceress and came from the Midlands. After thinking about it, Richard decided they must continue on without Zedd and Chase and they would leave in the morning.

Chapter information Edit

Characters introduced Edit

Key events Edit

  • Two remaining members of a quad came to kill Kahlan. One was killed in the process, but one remained alive.
  • Richard decided to leave Zedd and Chase in Adie's care and continue on without them.

Memorable lines Edit

  • "In return for your help, we brought you supplies. We thought it would be fair to offer you something." - "Lie!" ... "What is a lie?" - " 'We’ be a lie." Richard and Adie
  • "The righteous rage of a true Seeker." - Adie
  • "The wizard chooses his Seekers well. Fortunately for you, patience be not a prerequisite for the post." - Adie

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