Wizard's First Rule chapter nineteen summary and information.

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Darken Rahl visited his father's tomb, which he kept incredibly clean at all times. While there, he was met by Demmin Nass, Rahl's right-hand man. Demmin had brought Darken Rahl a young boy named Carl who would be used as his spirit guide. Darken Rahl asked Demmin if he had touched Carl, as he had a favor for little boys.

Rahl informed Demmin to tell Queen Milena that he accepted all of her demands in return for a Box of Orden. When questioned why he would accept the Queen's demands without seeing the list, he explained that it was because she had a wizard (Giller) employed who might cause trouble if there were disagreements.

Rahl ordered one of the crypt staff killed for letting a single white rose petal to fall and touch the white marble floor. On the way to the Garden of Life Darken Rahl felt that Kahlan got close to the boundary again. He then revealed to Demmin that he knew of the reappearance of the old wizard (Zedd) and that he had named a seeker. Arriving ath the Garden of Life he began the process of gaining Carl's trust.

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  • The place of the third Box of Orden is revealed.
  • Darken Rahl explained why he would meet the Queen's demands for the Box of Orden.
  • Darken Rahl mentioned, though did not explain how or why, Carl becoming his spirit guide.

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  • "And the Seeker?" - "Even less than an annoyance." - Darken Rahl's opinion about Richard.