Wizard's First Rule chapter two summary and miscellaneous information.

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Richard Cypher attempts to find a way to help the woman, Kahlan Amnell, from the group of men (called a quad) who continue to follow her. The only way Richard knows how to help her is to lead the two of them off a side trail in hopes of avoiding the quad that follow. While on the trail, Richard looks up to the sky and notices a snake-like shaped cloud. He takes a mental note to tell the cloud reader, Zedd, about it later on.

Before they have time to realize it, two men appear in front of them, the ones they were trying to avoid. From above, the other two appear, descending from rope. They offer Richard a chance to leave without harm, but he declines, promising Kahlan that he would stay. During the chaos of the attack, there is an impact in the air, like thunder without sound. They managed to survive the assault, Richard the only one who had drawn blood remains puzzled by the thunder without sound. When he asks about how they survived, Kahlan tells him the good spirits had been watching over them.

Despite the lack of a truthful response and more questions that had no answer, Richard offers a hand of friendship. She shares that she believes that the quad chased her through the boundary from the Midlands, a place of magic. However, he believed her to be lying because no one had ever been through the boundary to the Midlands, a land of magic. | examination = * The Confessor's magic, the thunder without a sound, is first introduced here.

  • Richard sees the snake-shaped tracer cloud in the sky for the first time.
  • Kahlan explains what a quad is.

| characters = *Kahlan Amnell - Introduced.

  • Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander - Returns.

| setting = This chapter takes place is Westland, particularly the Upper Ven. | quotes = * "Do you choose to help me?" Except for her color, her exquisite features gave no hint as to her emotions. - Kahlan Amnell says to Richard Cypher

  • "Well, Kahlan, my friend, can you tell me how it is that we are alive and those four men are not?"
She looked at him in surprise. "Do you mean that?"
"Mean what?"
She hesitated. " 'Friend.' "
Richard shrugged. "Sure. You just said I stood with you. That's the kind of thing a friend does, isn't it?" He gave her a smile.

| miscellaneous = A character makes a cameo appearance.}}

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