Wizard's First Rule chapter twenty summary and information.


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As Kahlan and Richard continued their way through Narrows, the shadow people gained ground on them. Soon, Richard was believing their calls and let go of Kahlan's hand. After realizing that the shadow people were not calling him for helpful reasons and that he had become separated from Kahlan, he began to fight them. It was a futile fight though as the shadow people just kept coming to him in massive numbers. He was able to get away, but he could no longer find Kahlan and he assumed she had gone into the boundary.

Darken Rahl, after spending the night beside Carl, continued to make attempts to gain Carl's trust. He was doing so in a way to turn Carl against his parent's and learn to believe the things Darken Rahl told him, including telling Carl that he and his dog could come live at the palace, despite most of these things being lies. While getting Carl something to eat, Demmin Nass informed him that the tracer cloud over Richard could no longer be seen. Darken Rahl did not seem to care much, as he could still find Richard with the tooth he carried with him. The tooth came from a creature that protected the Book of Counted Shadows for Darken Rahl and had been slain by George Cypher.

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  • Kahlan and Richard became separated in the Narrows. Richard assumed that Kahlan had gone into the boundary.
  • Darken Rahl informed Demmin Nass that he could find Richard at any time due to the tooth from Richard's father that he carried around.