Wizard's First Rule chapter twenty-one summary and information.


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When Richard did not find Kahlan's footprints at the end of the hillslide, he realized that she might have gone back to Zedd. With a new sense of hope, he ran back to where he had fought the shadow people and started studying the footprints. Once he found both sets of footprints, instead of going forward, Kahlan's footprints went back into the Narrows, as she had decided to go back.

Frantically following her path, Richard found Kahlan, cornered by the fourth, and last, member of the quad. He rescued Kahlan and killed the man. As he was the first person Richard had killed with the Sword of Truth. Due to the sword's magic, Richard was hit with intense pain, like he had never felt before. Feeling like he would die from the pain, Richard was finally able to get through the pain and come to. Kahlan explained that the first time he would kill, the sword would test him to see if he should be wielding it and Richard had passed this test of pain.

Richard and Kahlan continued down the path and made it out of the boundary and into the Midlands, in the Wilds. Considering where to go next, they decided to go to those closest to their location. They started heading for the Mud People for answers.

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  • Richard found Kahlan cornered by the fourth member of the quad. He killed him with the Sword of Truth and passed the test of pain given to him by the sword for killing the first person with the sword.
  • Kahlan and Richard crossed the boundary and decided to head to the Mud People, who lived in the Wilds of the Midlands.