Wizard's First Rule chapter twenty-two summary and information.


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Adie informs Zedd of the events that took place while he was knocked out once he woke. After chastizing Adie for not adequately warning Richard about the night stone, Zedd sought Richard through the night stone and they discovered he and Kahlan had made it through the boundary. Zedd had something other in mind than chasing after Richard. Before he left he asked Adie if she would like to use his Wizard's rock naked.

Richard and Kahlan made it to the land of the Mud People. Soon they were surrounded by a hunting party from the village of the Mud People. Savidlin, the leader of the party, slapped Kahlan with an open hand and, while meant as a greeting and a form of respect for her strength, Richard misunderstood it as a threat. After Kahlan cleared up the confusion, Savidlin hit Richard with his fist, who, in turn, punched Savidlin and knocked him to the ground. Due to this, the Mud People gave Richard the name of "Richard with the Temper" and welcomed them into the village.

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  • Zedd awoke and learned that he could find Richard with the night stone.
  • Richard would be named "Richard with the Temper" by the Mud People and would be known by that name in their village through the rest of the series.