Wizard's First Rule Chapter twenty-five Summary and information.


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Richard showed the Mud People how to make clay roof, overcoming the language barrier with the means of patient demonstrations. The whole village helped building the roof, only Kahlan is not allowed to help. She and Richard stayed at Savidlin's house during this time, where they met Weselan and Siddin.

Condemned to idleness Kahlan remembered how her sister Dennee was killed by a Quad. The Bird Man comforted her. He also informed her that it looked like the village elder would not name Richard a Mud Person, but that he would try everything he could.

When the roof of the spirit house was finished, the elders told Richard that he could not become one of them. Thereupon Richard and Kahlan decided to leave the village, disappointed about the decision and lost time. While packing, Richard discovered that the night stone was missing and he told Kahlan that he thought that it could bring forth the Shadow people.

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  • Richard built the clay roof for the spirit house.
  • The village elder denied Richard and Kahlan to become Mud People.
  • Richard and Kahlan discovered the "side effect" of the night stone.