Wizard's First Rule chapter twenty-six summary and information.


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Richard and Kahlan risked their lives to get the Night Stone from Siddin before the shadows could touch any of them. While the Bird Man held back the warrior, who wanted to attack the shadow things, Toffalar attacked Kahlan, thinking they are destroying his ancestors' spirits. He thereby injured Kahlan, before she touched him and he was killed by the shadow things.

After saving Siddin, Savidlin was named one of the elders, and he demanded that Richard and Kahlan were named Mud People. After Richard returned their honour to the other elders, they agreed to name them Mud People. Richard asked then for a Gathering which was granted.

While the villiage prepered for the feast in the evening, the healer, Nissel, took care of Kahlan's wound, which needed to be stitched.

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Key eventsEdit

  • Kahlan and Richard saved Siddin from the shadow things.
  • Toffalar is touched by Kahlan and killed by the shadow things.
  • Kahlan and Richard are named Mud People.
  • A Gathering for Richard was granted.

Memorable linesEdit

  • "These two people have acted selflessly in the defense of our people. In my life, I have never witnessed anything to compare with it. They could have left us to defend for ourselves when we foolishly turned our backs on them. Instead, they have shown us what manner of people they be. They are as fine as the best of us." - Savidlin
  • "The hardest thing for a man to do, especially an old man, is to admit he has acted foolishly, and selfishly. You have acted neither foolishly nor selfishly. The two of you are better examples of Mud People for our children than I, I demand of the Bird Man that you be named Mud People. Please, Richard With The Temper, and Mother Confessor, our people need you." - Caldus
  • "These two were not born Mud People. Kahlan was born a Confessor, a matter of blood, not choosing. Richard With The Temper was born in Westland, across the boundary, of ways that are a mystery to us. Both have agreed to be Mud People, to honor our laws and ways from this day on, but we must understand that our ways may be a mystery to them. We must have patience with them, understand that they are trying for the first time to be Mud People. We have lived our lives as Mud People, this is their first day. They are as new children to us. Give them the understanding you would give our children, and they will do their best." - The Bird Man
  • "Sometimes, when you are a healer, it is more important to know what not to do." - Nissel