Wizard's First Rule chapter twenty-seven summary and miscellaneous information.


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As part of the banquet the Mud People eat the meat of their enemy and Richard is supposed to chose a mate. After eating the meat, Richard asks Kahlan to go get an apple out of his pack. She does so, but realizes too late that every red fruit in the midlands is poison. When Richard takes a bite, everyone nearly freaks out. Richard manages to trick the elders into thinking that the apple was okay for him, but might make his seed poison to any wife he takes. Basically, he tricks the elders with the apple to get out of the consummation.

After the banquet, Richard and Kahlan go to the spirt house. They share an apple, and one thing leads to another they almost make love. However, Richard says 'first tell me what you are', and she can't, so they end up cuddling instead.