Wizard's First Rule chapter three summary and miscellaneous information.

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With the members of the quad dead, Richard took his new friend back to the house of his brother Michael to see what he could do. Dell Brandstone, (Whom Richard calls Chase) a longtime friend of Richard, explained to him that his brother called all the boundary wardens in to watch over as he prepared to accept his task as First Councilor to Hartland. He was able to confide in his friend about the men up at Blunt Cliff and Chase promised to keep an eye out.

While the two ate the food provided, Richard attempted to get Kahlan to relax. She could not, revealing that it took five wizards for her to get here, and that they took their lives to ensure that she was safe. To help comfort her, Richard offered to bring her to Zedd, hoping that he would know what to do as well. Michael then presented his speech to his guests, talking about the boundary and what he wanted to do when it fell, to befriend those of Midlands and of D'Hara. The last part of his speech mentioned fire and how it was dangerous. Michael gave an example of the life of Richard and his mother. The chapter ended with Michael seeing Kahlan, becoming jealous of Richard, and attempting to take her from him.

Chapter information Edit

Characters introduced Edit

Key events Edit

  • Michael accepted the role as First Councilor of Hartland.
  • Michael talking about the boundary foreshadowed his connection with Darken Rahl, as Darken Rahl would be the one to know of its downfall, as opposed to Michael.
  • In Michael's speech, he mentioned fire. This connected to several things that can be picked up as the novel progresses. First, the fact that in the Midlands, fire was outlawed by Darken Rahl. Second, by noticing that connection and Michael's mentioning of how dangerous fire is, it showed that it foreshadowed his alliance to Rahl.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • "Ladies and gentleman, today I accepted the position of First Councilor of Westland. The councilors from all of Westland selected me to lead us in these times of challenge because I have the courage and vision to take us into a new era. Too long we have lived looking to the past and not the future! Too long we have chased old ghosts and been blind to new callings! Too long we have listened to those who would seek to drag us into war and ignored those who would guide us into war and ignored those who would guide us on a path to peace! I will not stand by while the Westland is put into peril by these traitors! Concerned citizens have come forward to identify these cowards, these traitors. At this very moment, as we join our hearts here today in a common goal, the boundary wardens protect us while the army is rounding up these conspirators who plot against the government. They are not the common criminals you might think, but respected in high authority!" Michael's speech about war and treason
  • "But that is past history. Today we look to our new course. One reason I was chosen as First Councilor is because being a Hartlander, I have lived my life in the shadow of the boundary, a shadow that has shaded all our lives. But that is looking to the past. The light of a new day always chases the shadows of the night away, and shows us that shape of our fears is only the ghost of our own minds. We must look forward to a day when the boundary will no longer be there, for nothing lasts forever, does it? And when that day comes we must be ready to extend a hand of friendship and not a sword, as some would have us do. That only leads up to the futility of war and needless dying. Should we be wasting our resources, preparing to do battle with a people we have been long separated from, a people who were the ancestors to man of us here? Should we be ready to do violence to our brothers and sisters simply because we don't know them? What a waste! Our resources should be spent eliminating the real suffering around us. When the time comes, maybe not in our lifetime, but it will come, we should be ready to welcome our long-separated brothers and sisters. We must not join only the two lands, but all three! For someday, just as the boundary between Westland and the Midlands will fade away, so too will the second boundary between the Midlands and D'Hara, and all three lands shall be one! We can look to a day when we can share the joy of reunion, if we have the heart! And what joy will spread from here, today, in Hartland!" Michael's speech about the boundaries falling and befriending Midland and D'Hara

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