Wizard's First Rule chapter four summary and information.

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After Kahlan's assault on Michael, she and Richard left his house. She made an observation when Richard stated how he was the seeker of truth without knowing the meaning behind those words. They traveled to Richard's house. He noticed that someone had gone up the path and, upon arrival, his thoughts were confirmed. His house had been ransacked the exact way his father's had been. Carefully, he snuck to the back and retrieved a tooth that proved his father was not a thief and his knapsack.

They retreated, now heading toward Zedd's house. Mistaking it for a fly, Richard tries to swat at what he learned to be a blood fly. Kahlan was able to save the two of them by keeping Richard quiet, instructing him to "Let the flies bite" in case the flies belonged to a short-tailed gar. They narrowly avoid a long-tailed gar's hunger for flesh, saved by a frightened rabbit. By now Richard was getting to the point where he was demanding to have some answers as to what was going on. They began their search for a wayward pine to camp in overnight.

Chapter information Edit

Key Events Edit

  • Gars and blood flies were introduced. When Richard found a stray fly stuck in his shirt, he was informed that long-tailed gars are stupid and they were lucky this was not a short-tailed gar because short-tailed gars were smarter and counted their flies.

Memorable lines Edit

  • "After all, I am a 'seeker of truth.' " - Richard Cypher
  • "Richard Cypher, you expect me to believe you risked your life to get your backpack?"
"Kahlan, you are coming close to getting kicked."

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