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Wizard's First Rule chapter forty-nine summary and miscellaneous information.


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It all comes to an end as everyone ends up in the Garden of Life.


Interesting Facts & NotesEdit

  • Richard is touched by Kahlan, when she thinks she is touching Darken Rahl, of course, he is protected from her touch by his love for her.
  • Zedd is surprised when Richard starts quoting the Book of Counted Shadows.
  • Zedd reveals to Darken Rahl who Richard's father is: Darken Rahl himself.
  • Richard orders the beheading of his "brother", Michael. The guards around him follow the order without question, as he is the new Lord Rahl.
  • The wall of the crypt of Panis Rahl starts melting towards the end of the chapter. Zedd tells the "little, bald-headed man" how to solve this.

Characters ReturningEdit

Characters MentionedEdit

Settings and LocationsEdit

Spells & Magical ItemsEdit

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