Wizard's First Rule chapter five summary and information.

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After introducing Kahlan to a wayward pine, they made a shelter there for the night. As promised, Richard created a fire for her. He learned that the long-tailed gar that they ran into did not come from the Midlands as Richard initially thought, but came from D'Hara instead. She also told him how the boundary between D'Hara and the Midlands no longer existed, and that since spring, it was down. She started to share the story of the boundaries with the Midlands and D'Hara.

Panis Rahl consumed the kingdoms of D'Hara for himself, soon turning his greedy eyes upon Midlands. Instead of signing a treaty with him, the free lands of the Midlands formed the Central Council of the Midlands where they looked out for each other. Rahl, not liking the resistance, threw his army at them in hopes of making them crumble. By this time, he had shadow people fighting for him, where swords and arrows had no effect. A great and honorable wizard conjured horns that the people blew to sweep away the shadows to help turn the war to their side. At the end of the war, with the help of magic, the boundaries were created. They separated the three lands, Westland reserved for those that did not wish to live with magic and then D'Hara and the Midlands where it still existed.

Without meaning to, Richard asked Kahlan what she saw as she went through the boundary. Thinking back on her time there, she was almost lost to the underworld again. If not for Richard, who lent his strength to her, never leaving her side the whole time as she recounted the events of seeing her sister, she would be lost. Finally he was able to bring her back to the present.

She shared one final bit of information pertaining to the boundaries about Panis Rahl killing the wizard's wife and daughter. As the boundary between D'Hara and Midlands went up, he sent a ball of wizard's fire at him. Soon, he decided to cast a wizard's web on everyone, so they would forget his identity. The people of Midlands were appointing positions to anyone, where it was the wizard's job to do. He said that he would leave them so they could suffer the consequences of their actions.

Recently, according to Kahlan, the Darken Rahl movement begun. As the Peoples Peace Army patrolled through the cities, flowers were thrown before them, welcoming the newcomers to the land. Father Rahl only wanted peace, for he had no hand when those who did not throw flowers were killed. Anyone who did not join his peace alliance (the People's Peace Army) were killed on the spot. Rahl banned magic in the Midlands, as well as fire. Finally she revealed to Richard why she came to Westland. She was in search of the great and honorable wizard, to make the appointment only he can make.

From there, Kahlan gave him the rare opportunity to meet Shar, a night wisp. She told Richard that they had to stop Darken Rahl before the first day of winter, when the sun was in the sky. If they did not, then they would all be killed. After conversing for a bit, Kahlan spoke with Shar on her own, revealing that Kahlan was known as the Mother Confessor. She used her power, by Shar's request, to end her life.

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  • Kahlan told Richard that Darken Rahl needed to be defeated before the first day of winter.

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  • "You're not alone, I'm here with you! I won't leave you " - Richard Cypher

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