Wizard's First Rule chapter six summary and information.

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If it was not made clear before, Kahlan reinstated how dangerous she is when Richard accidentally offered a red apple to her. She held a knife up to his throat and quickly realized he meant no harm. She then explains to him that by use of magic, all red foods in the Midlands are poisonous. They were able to move past this and arrived at Zedd's house. At this point, Richard was burning with fever from the bite of the snake vine, as Zedd revealed. Zedd also hints at knowing what Kahlan is when he asks if she had touched Richard at all. Kahlan retold what happened, concluding that Darken Rahl had placed the Boxes of Orden into play. As the chapter concluded, Richard remembered a passage from the Book of Counted Shadows, fearing that they were all in trouble.

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  • "And when the three boxes of Orden are put into play, the snake vine shall grow." - Richard quoting from the Book of Counted Shadows

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