Wizard's First Rule chapter seven summary and information.

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Unable to stay conscious anymore, the fever overtook Richard. As Kahlan comforted Richard, his mind drifted back to where his father made him memorize the Book of Counted Shadows. After Richard was able to write the contents of the book, word for word, he and his father made a fire and burned the book. George never read the book. When he came around, he and Kahlan conversed about Zedd, Richard trying to make her promise that she would not harm him.

Later, Zedd arrived with the ingredients to help cure the fever and to rid Richard of the thorn inside of his hand. While Kahlan was helping with this process, he revealed that he knew what she was. Kahlan explained that the wizard must appoint a Seeker. Later, as Zedd stepped outside, a blood fly bit him and Zedd found a gar threatening to eat him. In order for Zedd to spare his life, the gar had to kill the quad that Darken Rahl sent after Kahlan. After this confrontation, Zedd went outside and uses his cloud rock in order to speak with his parents. They urged him to name Richard as the Seeker. They comforted him, learning that Darken Rahl had only a portion of what he needed, still needing the third Box of Orden, and the Book of Counted Shadows.

Chapter information Edit

Key events Edit

  • The Boxes of Orden were in play, but Rahl did not possess the third box or the Book of Counted Shadows.
  • Zedd learned that all of students, save Giller, are dead and Giller had sold his service to a queen.
  • Darken Rahl could travel through the underworld.

Memorable lines Edit

  • "A true Seeker, one who can make a difference, must show himself to be a Seeker...A true Seeker is a rare person." - Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

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