Wizard's First Rule chapter eight summary and information.


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With the fever gone, Richard was able to bathe freely. Upon returning to his two friends, he saw things were normal. They conversed for a bit until Richard interrupted the mood telling Zedd that he needed to help stop Darken Rahl, revealing that Zedd was the great wizard that Kahlan was searching for. Then Richard explained how he knew this and why he felt so confident. Zedd commented about how he got everything right, thus retrieving the Sword of Truth. Both Kahlan and Zedd pledged their life to the Seeker.

Chapter informationEdit

Key eventsEdit

  • Zedd was revealed as the great wizard.
  • Richard was named the Seeker of Truth.

Memorable linesEdit

  • "Fair warning to those living and those dead! The Seeker is named!"
"Zedd," he whispered, "what in the name of everything good is a Seeker?"

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