Wizard's First Rule chapter nine summary and information.


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Zedd explained to Richard what the Seeker of Truth was and how long he had possessed the Sword of Truth. Zedd also explained that naming the Seeker was a wizard's task, but the High Council of the Midlands took it upon themselves to start naming the Seeker. They would name the Seeker based on frivolous reasons and while the last Seeker was entangled by a witch woman, Zedd stole the sword back. Zedd also explained the Boxes of Orden, how they worked and what it would mean if opened in Darken Rahl's favor. He also told Richard that it probably would not be in Westland, as the boxes were magic and there was no magic in Westland when the boundaries went up. He told Richard that he would need to find a way across the boundary if they were to get in the Midlands. To make sure Richard was the correct choice in a Seeker, Zedd had to get Richard to tap into his anger. He did so by telling him that Darken Rahl tortured his father via anthropomacy before his death.

Chapter informationEdit

Key eventsEdit

  • Zedd explained what a seeker was.
  • Zedd explained the Boxes of Orden and how to stop Darken Rahl.
  • Richard learned how his father had died, at the torturous hand of Darken Rahl.

Memorable linesEdit

  • "Think of the solution, not the problem." - Richard Cypher

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