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The Wizard’s Keep is a huge fortress that overlooks the city of Aydindril. The Wizard's Keep is carved into a mountain and there are literally thousands of rooms. Magic radiates from the Keep and the webs that protect it are surpassed by none.

The Keep is the home of wizards. The most powerful of the wizards is named the First Wizard and it his job to coordinate the Keep, it's defenses and those who live within. In times of war, the wizards generally act as generals. At the time of the great war the Wizard's Keep was laced with magic of all kinds, that protects it even today. Some of the shields that are placed there are impenetrable even to Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, the latest First Wizard, because he, like every other gifted person, does not possess Subtractive Magic. Richard Rahl alone can access all corners of the Keep, though Sisters of the Dark, should they enter the Keep, have the necessary abilities to access much of it.

Someone exceptionally skilled in the gift would alone be able to hold the Keep against a great army, because the webs there are so powerful. Zedd and Adie were together able to fend off the entire force of the Imperial Order's army without any aid.

Sections of the Keep Edit

First Wizard's Enclave Edit

The First Wizard's Enclave is a special location in the Wizard's Keep where only the First Wizard can enter. It is protected by magical shields, and many sacred items are kept there including books of magic and prophecy, the Sword of Truth, constructed magic, and many other items that would be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Sliph's well Edit

For more information: Sliph

A previously closed up section of the Keep that opened up when Richard Rahl removed the barrier to the Old World.

Other locations Edit

Zedds hidden passage. Allows anyone gifted or none gifted to enter the keep. It is a difficult journey from the foundations of the keep, and once inside the passages change on their own.

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