Wizard's fire was a common ability of most wizards. It was created using Additive Magic and was superior to other forms of fire created by the gifted or that which occurred in the natural world. Wizard's fire was said to be alive with the purpose of the wizard who cast it.

Characteristics Edit

Wizard's fire was created using Additive Magic, by taking the heat from the air and adding to and multiplying it. When cast, the wizard threw his hands out, fingers extended. Wizard's fire then shot from his fingers and shrieked through the air. The fire grew and tumbled as it travelled, illuminating everything it passed, and became a blue and yellow ball of liquid flame that continued to expand as it wailed through the air, like a thing alive. It travelled very quickly and would usually reach its victim within the space of a breath. The blue and yellow flames washed over the victim, enveloping them and surging through them.

Wizard's fire was a fire unlike any other; burning, sticking, searing, and alive with purpose. The fire sizzled and snapped everywhere on the victim, consuming it. The victim disappeared into the blue heat and was gone. Usually a hazy smoke remained in the air. Even a single droplet of wizard's fire could burn straight to the bone. Few victims survived being burned by wizard's fire; any who did would, unsurprisingly, seek revenge, as in the case of Darken Rahl.

Wizard's fire grows by taking heat from the surroundings. In Stone of Tears, Zedd freezes the screeling that attacks the People's Palace, by dropping it into a pool of water and igniting Wizard's fire above the water. This sucks the heat out of the water very quickly and causes it to freeze.

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