A wizard's web was any use of a Wizard's Han projected outside of his body. It could be a fireball, a spell, turning someone into a dog, or moving a rock. A web was used by Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander when he left the Midlands after his daughter was raped by Darken Rahl. The web made everybody forget his name and even what he looked like. When Kahlan Amnell traveled to Westland to find Zedd, all she knew was that she was looking for a Great Wizard. The web was removed by Zedd at the end of Wizard's First Rule. Throughout the Sword of Truth series many webs were cast on the various characters and objects. In the latter half of Wizard's First Rule Richard had a web cast on him by Darken Rahl which caused his friends to see him as a mortal enemy (Rahl himself), and his enemies to see him as himself.