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Zedd falls victim to a mysterious spell of forgetfulness cast by Shota. Confused and frightened, Zedd escapes his companions. Shota uses her magic to return Zedd's youth and convinces him he must replace Richard with a new Seeker to find the Stone of Tears. Shota gives Zedd back his knowledge of magic to take the Sword of Truth and compass from Richard. He sets off to rescue a town threatened by a rift to the Underworld. Zedd names himself the new Seeker after taking a woman - Salindra - as his Queen and magically rebuilds nearby castle of Winterhaven to be his new fortress, but Salindra is killed and brought back as a Baneling to trick Zedd and him, the compass, and the Sword of Truth to the Underworld. Richard is forced to pursue Zedd into the Underworld after Zedd believes he revived Salindra, causing Richard and Zedd to age. Richard rescues Zedd from Rahl and they escape. Cara forces Shota to release the spells on Zedd, and Richard lets her escape unharmed. Zedd restores Richard back to his proper age.

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Zedd falls victim to a mysterious spell that strips him of his memories and his old age, causing him to believe that he must replace Richard with a new Seeker.

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Zedd falls victim to a spell that strips him of his memories. Shota, insisting on the truth of her prophecy that Richard will fail in his quest to defeat the Keeper, restores Zedd's youth and convinces the once-wise wizard that he must replace Richard with a new Seeker. Unfortunately, along with Zedd's age goes his wisdom; he takes up with a whore and sets about wreaking havoc in Lord Drago's territory. 

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  • Gabriel Mann as Young Zedd
  • Helena Mattsson as Salindra
  • Craig Hall as Drago
  • Stephen Papps as Barkeep
  • Sascha Moore as Monica
  • Adam Gardiner as Captain of the Guard
  • Mark Clare as Ogilby
  • Peter Webster as Old Richard
  • Jed Brophy as Shadrin

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Legend of the Seeker: Wizard