Wyborn Amnell was the King of Galea, ruling equally with his wife Bernadine. He was the father of Cyrilla, Harold, and Kahlan Amnell, the latter of which was produced through his mateship with the Mother Confessor.


The marriage of Bernadine to Wyborn Amnell was one to symbolise the joining together of their two lands. This new joint land would become known as Galea. Their marriage however, was not one of love. The pair had a mutual respect however, and saw it as their duty to strengthen their land.

Together Bernadine and Wyborn had two children; Cyrilla and Harold. Despite being married to Wyborn, Bernadine would eventually fall in love with another man. Upon discovering the two, Wyborn viciously beat Bernadine.

In Stone of Tears, Kahlan tells Richard how Wyborn came to be taken as her mother's mate. The Mother Confessor heard that Queen Bernadine was unhappy in her marriage to Wyborn and went to speak to Bernadine about taking Wyborn as a mate, since she wanted a strong father for her children. Queen Bernadine told the Mother Confessor that she did not love her husband and that he was a cuckold. Even though she loved another, she respected Wyborn as a strong man, as a leader, and as a cunning warrior, and would not condone the Mother Confessor taking him with her power. While the Mother Confessor was thinking on what she would do, Wyborn beat the Queen upon discovering her in the bed of her lover and nearly killed her. When the Mother Confessor heard of this, she returned to Galea and took Wyborn as her mate before he could add the murder of the lover to the beating he had given his wife. Soon after taking Wyborn as her mate the Mother Confessor gave birth to Kahlan.

Wyborn, at the command of his new mistress, would teach Kahlan everything he knew of warfare, killing, combat, and other such things. Later in her life, Kahlan would be forced to use a great deal of the knowledge he passed onto her.

When the Mother Confessor contracted a deadly wasting disease and eventually died, Wyborn himself died instantly when he heard from the doctors that she would not recover.